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UN Sustainable Development Goals

How do we contribute to the sustainable development goals:

8- Decent Work and Economic Growth:
  1. We support the technical and social training of our young colleagues and employees within the company. Supporting in developing their skill set.

  2. We take precautions to stay fair during a recruitment process.

  3. We develop entrepreneurial culture in our  company and employees.

9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure:

  1. We develop our products considering the effects on the environment and try to create minimum waste.

  2. With innovative solutions and designs, we reveal suggestions that can positively contribute to sustainability.

  3. Awareness for sustainability will be taken into consideration for project management applications.

12 - Responsible Production and Consumption:

  1. Wherever possible, we use discarded or recycled materials instead of using new raw materials.

  2. We are constantly working on methods to minimize our waste.

  3. We are trying to digitalize our company within our means and minimize possible waste.

17 - Partnerships for Purposes:

  1. In order to achieve sustainable development goals, we cooperate with companies that aim to achieve similar goals.

  2. We take care to work and develop business with companies which have taken SDGs in their agenda.

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